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Oven for sublimation 3D for 4 and 6 cases / SUB-H403

Oven for sublimation 3D for 4 and 6 cases / SUB-H403


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Product information

  • Average time to produce 4 cases: 7 min
  • Number of cases can be sublimated at once: 4 and 6 cases
  • Models can be sublimated: all, including Ipads and Tablets
  • Polycarbonate cases (PC) in high quality HQ: Yes
  • Polyamide cases HQ (high quality): Yes
  • Polyamide cases (medium quality): Yes
  • Flexible cases of TPU: Yes
  • Molds suitables for cases: molds for polyamide, polycarbonate and TPU cases.
  • Manufacture process: Automatic
  • Video demo showing how the oven works
  • Look at the technical especifications for this oven: technical especifications
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The 3D SUB-H403 sublimation oven is a machine for the sublimation of products in 3D.  It uses a combination of heat and vacuum in order to transfer dyes from paper to product. 

This machine is especially equipped for the production of up to 6 cases at the same time, including for models such as iPads, tablets, Samsung Galaxy Note etc… Although it can also customize other products such as cups, plates, shot glasses, etc..

Technical especificationsSUB-H403
Temperature and time control system Digital
Temperature range 0 - 280º
Time range 0 - 999 sec
Voltage (V) 220-240 V & 110-120 V 50/60Hz
Electric power (kW) 3 kW
Oven measurements (An x F x Al) 600 x 530 x 640 mm
Weight 5.8 Kg

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