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What is sublimation?

The sublimation process in printing is produced by applying heat on the printed paper in contact with the product, the ink changes from solid to gaseous state, penetrating permanently on it.

This type of technique is used on products made with specific fibers for this purpose or which are varnished with a type of material that favours their printing. The technique of sublimation will make the designs remain in the products permanently without losing intensity. In the case of fabrics, the ink will remain in them washed after washing and without cracking as in other techniques.

Machinery, plates, products and printers for sublimation

Sublimet, is an online store located in Barcelona (Spain) that offers service around the world. You'll find everything you need to carry out sublimation, such as sublimation products, sublimation machinery, sublimation printers, accessories and consumables. We constantly update our catalogue with new and original products, so that you always find what you are looking for. Don't forget to visit our news section that we update every week. As you can see, we love the world of sublimation printing because of its versatility, durability and high print quality. We know that your customers will always be happy with your service.

Whatever you are, whether you are getting started in the world of sublimation or you have been with other systems for many years that do not just offer the quality you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you. We adapt to any type of client and for this reason we offer the possibility that you can buy products by units and to make your life even easier, we also offer starter packs, in one click you will have everything you need to start creating and having fun.

Steps to perform sublimation

  • Printing is done through a plotter or printer. Both the printer, inks and the paper/film must be ready for sublimation. It is also advisable to use ICC profiles to obtain colors close to reality.
  • Let the paper dry for a few minutes and proceed to bake or iron according to the chosen product. This process requires a specific temperature and time for each product. All this information is reflected in the data sheet of each product.
  • Finally, all that remains is to remove the adhered paper in order to see the final result. If you have any questions or additional information you would like to obtain, please contact us via +34 93 486 90 25 or info@sublimet.com

Customizable, original and practical gifts are our aim

We always have a wide variety of customizable items for you to find the product that suits you and your customers best. Are you tired of always personalizing the same thing? With our extensive catalogue you will never get tired of seeing new and original products. In each of them we will also inform you about all the steps of how to sublimate them. Be inspired by our selection!

Our services

Pour Sublimet, le plus important, c'est vous, et c'est pourquoi nous vous proposons notre numéro de service clientèle +34 93 486 90 25. Nos heures d'ouverture sont du lundi au vendredi de 7h à 15h. Vous pouvez également nous contacter via notre formulaire de contact. Chez Sublimet, nous voulons écouter votre opinion, nous améliorer et vous offrir un meilleur service chaque jour.

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