Aluminum and stainless steel bottles, customizable by the sublimation technique. Perfect for travel, thanks to the robustness and lightness, since they maintain the temperature of your drinks cold or hot. The plugs are of high security to avoid losses of the liquid. We offer you different models and capacities ranging from 350 ml to 750 ml, of course with the most competitive prices on the market.

You will find models for children with lids of different shapes and colors. Each of our bottles includes its individual box.

Aluminum Bottle 750ml Aluminum Bottle 750ml 2
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In Sublimet, we offer you a wide variety of bottles for sublimation for both adults and children, with different capacities from 350 ml to 750 ml, fully customizable for the occasion you need to give away or for professional work, resistant and thermal material to keep all your drinks. Ideal for their rigidity, lightness and their lids that prevent liquids from escaping. We have several models for children with different designs of striking covers.

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