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2D Flexible cases for Samsung Galaxy A8

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2D aluminium plate cases for Samsung Galaxy A8 customizable using the sublimation technique

  • The printing is performed on aluminium plate which adheres to the top part of the cover by means of an adhesive.
  • Material: with flexible sides.
  • Impact resistant, it protects the mobile on all sides.
  • Models 100% adaptable to all telephone apertures.
  • It fits the Samsung Galaxy A8 perfectly
  • Sides manufactured in TPU, similar to silicone
  • High quality material, long-lasting and ultra-lightweight
  • Plate material: Aluminium (included)
  • 100% flexible sides
  • Glossy print finish
  • Buy aluminium sheets extras across the following link: Aluminium plate for 2D cases
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Especificaciones de 2D Flexible cases for Samsung Galaxy A8

The aluminium plate sublimation cases for the Samsung Galaxy A8, are prepared for sublimation on the top part, with the sides of the case remaining in white or black.

The cases cover both top and the sides.

  • Article: 2D sublimation cases for Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Material: with flexible sides.
  • Printing technique: sublimation
  • Print: the entire plate

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How to sublimate this product?


The sublimation process can vary depending on the press used.

    • 1.- Do the printing in mirror mode.
    • 2.- It is advisable to let dry the paper for 5 minutes.
    • 3.- Preheat the press to 200º.
    • 4.- First, place the paper with the printed part up. Then, put the sheet looking down. Try to make this process as fast as you can in order to preserve the press temperature.
    • 5.- Close the press around 60 seconds and make pressure on the sheet.
    • 6.- Once this time has passed, with the help of protective gloves, take out the sheet of the press and then remove the paper.
    • 7.- Leave cool the sheet for a few minutes.

If after following our advice you can’t do the printing correctly, please contact with us using the contact form or the telephone: +34 93 486 90 25