The mobile phone is part of our daily lives. Little by little it has been introduced in our day to day and how our clothes or hairstyle, its brand and model as well as its casing transmit our personality and style. We have MORE THAN 120 MODELS other than sublimation housings: 3D and 2D housings, flexible and semi-rigid, of different colors and front and rear protection. You will also find them at the best price on the market and with a guarantee of maximum quality. Surely you will find the ones that best fit your business.

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Cases 3D

The 3D housings for sublimation allow it to be printed both on the top and on the sides. They cover the mobile phone ensuring its safety in the face of falls and daily mishaps. They adapt perfectly to the phone giving it a modern and attractive design.

Available materials:

  • Polycarbonate (PC): High quality material, semi-rigid, resistant and provides sharp and vivid color prints.
  • High quality polyamide and polyamide: Medium - high quality material, semi-rigid and resistant. More economical sublimation housings.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU): High quality and flexible material, similar to silicone. It covers the entire mobile, including the top and bottom, cushioning any fall it may suffer.

What is the process for sublimating 3D housings?

  • Preheat the oven to 170º - 200º and the molds that we are going to use.
  • The printing is made on a paper or thermo-elastic film and allowed to dry for a few minutes.
  • We place the housings in the oven embedded in an aluminum mold to prevent their deformation and ensure the proportional diffusion of heat. The paper is placed on the baking sheet and held tightly.
  • We program the oven with a preset temperature and time. Once the oven is turned on, the vacuum will occur ensuring that the printed paper is wrapped in the housing on the sides thus ensuring a complete impression.
  • You can watch a video of the whole process in our YouTube channel

What material do I need to make the housings for sublimation?

  • Printer, inks and paper for sublimation.
  • 3D oven for housings.
  • Metal molds for each model.
  • Accessories: scissors, gloves, thermo adhesive tape.
  • Blank products

3D DUO Cases

The maximum protection can be found in our 3D DUO cases for sublimation. They are formed by two parts one of PC (outer part) and another of silicone (inner part). They are the most resistant housings in our catalog to any blow thanks to their double protection. They also cover both the top and bottom.

Choose between two finishes, glossy or matte depending on the model.

What is the process to sublimate this type of housing?

The sublimation of this type of cases is carried out in the same way as the 3D cases on the outside, and once the product is cooled, the silicone part is attached to its interior.

Cases 2D

2D cases for sublimation We offer you are prepared to be customized only by the top. First the printing is made on an aluminum sheet (included), then it is glued on the housing by means of a very powerful adhesive that ensures a permanent fixation.

Available materials:

  • Polycarbonate (PC): Rigid and affordable material of long duration. Available in black, white or transparent depending on model.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU): The top of the housings is PC and the sides are TPU (flexible). They cover the entire housing both the top and bottom. Available in black and white depending on model.

Available brands: We have a wide variety of brands, the most sold currently are Apple (iPhone), Samsung, Huawei...

What is the process for sublimating 2D housings?

To sublimate the 2D housings, it is enough to apply the paper already printed on the sheet metal with a flat thermal plate. Once cooled, it adheres to the housing by means of the adhesive that the housing itself has.

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