Personalized items with digital printing

Digital printing is the process of transferring a digital image directly to paper, or other materials, without intermediate steps. The most common methods for this process are inkjet or toner in laser printers.

Creating personalized items with the digital printing method is quick and easy, and does not require the use of special software or  the other prior knowledge. We must first print the design on the paper, then cut it out and assemble the product. Using this process, items such as key chains, pin badges, refrigerator magnets, bottle openers, name tags and many more can be created in seconds.

These custom products are ideal for both personal applications and advertising campaigns. They can be used as souvenirs for social events such as weddings, baptisms and communions, or as travel souvenirs, with photos of children or couples. They are also widely used in marketing campaigns because they are items that are used on a daily basis, and therefore represent a permanent reminder of the brand and allow you to always have contact information at hand.

Advantages of digital printing

  • It is an economical, simple and fast technique, since the image is printed directly on the paper without the need for other media or materials.
  • It does not require auxiliary media, so designs can be easily edited, or multiple runs at different times can be printed.
  • This printing method does not require advanced use of design software.
  • Excellent quality prints with a wide variety of colors in CMYK format.
  • The assembly machines are versatile and easy to use.
  • The design can be printed on the spot and personalized items can be assembled in seconds.
  • With some practice, several hundred products can be assembled per hour.
  • Fridge magnets, key chains, and other everyday items are great for advertising campaigns.
  • The articles are highly customizable, with images, logos or text, or combinations of these.

Technology and tools needed

  • Computer to edit the images.
  • Digital printer to print the designs on paper.
  • Printing supplies: CMYK inks and paper.
  • Cutter or die cutter to cut the paper to the proper shape and sizes. Although cutting can be done manually, the use of a cutter is recommended for speed and precision.
  • Assembly machine for assembling the products. In some cases the items can be assembled manually.
  • Consumables and spare parts with the shape and size corresponding to the product to be assembled: round or rectangular badges, key rings, polyester sheets, backs with a needle, magnet or bottle opener, etc.

Sheet and magnet manufacturing process

1.- Image preparation and printing: Select the design to be printed, which can be a logo, a text, an image or a photograph. With the help of a design program, the image is adapted to the size and shape of the product.

2.- Cutting the design: It is recommended to cut the design with a cutter or die cutter, which performs the exact cut. For some products, it is important to remember to leave a paper edge that will fold to hold the back.

Assembly: Some products can be assembled manually, while others require the assistance of an assembly machine. In both cases, the assembly consists of press-fitting the components of the product. In general, it is a transparent sheet that is placed on the design to protect it, and then it is mounted on the back that will depend on the article that we are creating.

What products can I customize?

The articles have a low cost of production, speed and ease of assembly and are highly customizable. At Sublimet we offer you everything you need to create key rings, badges, magnets and badges. We have inexpensive machines for those who want to start, as well as professional machines, with their accessories and consumables:

  • Keychains: great variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Acrylics, metallic or imitation leather. Square, rectangular, round, T-shirt shape, bracelets, etc.
  • Magnets: rectangular in shape with the ideal size to personalize with phrases or images.
  • Round badges: of various diameters, for advertising, souvenirs or decoration. Badges with magnet, with mounted needle or with bottle opener.
  • Identifiers: rectangular of various sizes.
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