What is UV LED Direct Printing?

UV LED direct printing is a similar process to other printing methods, where the ink is applied directly to the material, but it is instantly dried by using an ultraviolet light LED lamp.

The heads of the UV LED printers perform both the ink injection and the curing of the same. Special inks react chemically to ultraviolet light, and dry almost immediately, remaining adhered to the material.

It is a revolutionary technique that allows you to print quickly on any flat surface, with great quality and a variety of colors. Printing is done directly on the product.

Advantages of UV LED Direct Printing

  • It can be printed on almost any type of material: wood, metal, ceramic, plastic and many more.
  • High-quality results with an infinity of colors.
  • Quick drying allows for excellent image definition, as the ink does not absorb or spread through the media.
  • The ink drying process is instantaneous, reducing production time.
  • It is an ecological technique because the necessary materials do not contain lead or mercury and do not generate ozone or volatile waste (VOC).
  • Can be used for single products or in small quantities
  • You can configure the printer with white ink to customize transparent objects.
  • It is possible to give textures or effects to the prints with the use of varnish.
  • The stamping has great durability, it is resistant to water and superficial scratches.

Technology and tools needed for UV LED Direct Printing

  • Computer to edit the images.
  • UV LED Printer
  • UV special inks
  • Objects to print: lighters, covers, housings, USB sticks, tiles, wooden articles, bags, posters, games, toys and many more.
  • In the case of printing light or flexible objects, the use of a stencil or vacuum table may be required.

UV LED Direct Printing Process

1.- Design Preparation: With the help of design software, the image to be printed is prepared.

2.-Printing: The design is sent to the printer and the material on which it will be printed is adjusted, following the corresponding specifications.

Types of UV LED printers

There are different types of UV LED printers depending on the items they can print. In general, we can group them as follows:

  • Flatbed printers: used to print rigid items that are supported on the "bed" of the printer. The height limit of these items will be determined by the dimensions of the printer.
  • Roll-to-roll printers: for printing flexible materials.
  • Hybrid printers: are those that are adapted to print both rigid and flexible items.
  • The ink drying process is instantaneous, reducing production time.

There are also special templates, such as for printing rigid cylindrical items such as glasses or goblets.

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