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Sublimet is proud to be the official distributor of Epson sublimation products in Spain. In sublimet we strive every day to specialize more in the world of sublimation and to incorporate new products (both machinery and blank products) to be able to offer the latest in the sublimation sector. We like to be rigorous with our work to be able to offer our customers innovative products of the best quality. It is because of this constant evolution that Epson has wanted to count on our collaboration to be its official distributors in Spain, since we have great knowledge in the sublimation sector.

Epson has a range of specialized sublimation products that will help your business, whether you are starting or if you have years of experience. Among the products it offers, there are printers and plotters for sublimation, inks that can be in canister or bulk and color profiles.

Being a large consolidated company, it offers a complete business solution that brings innovation at all levels. With this union, our clients will be able to benefit from the new technologies that Epson offers to the world of sublimation and in this way, continue to grow together and be part of the leading companies in the sector. In addition, our customers can also benefit from a higher quality of service since there are no intermediaries.

Enjoy the personalized attention that only an official Epson distributor can offer you. We are located in Mataro, in the province of Barcelona. To get in touch with us you can do it through email info@sublimet.com or through the phone 93 486 90 25.

Epson warranty

Epson warranty

We have the Epson warranty that has extensive coverage such as head coverage.

Especialistas en sublimación

Sublimation Specialists

The printers and inks that Epson currently has in the market are leading in the sublimation sector.

Always close to you

Always close to you

We offer an official, professional and attentive support to the news of the sector

SureColor SC-F500

SureColor SC-F500 - 24 inch (60 cm) dye sub printer

Epson printer specially designed for sublimation. It is Epson's first 24-inch ink sublimation printer. Perfect to sublimate textile products, promotional items, etc. Because of its size and speed, it is ideal for use in small businesses and gift shops.

It is designed to prevent the entry of dust, as it has a protective cover to prevent printing errors due to obstruction.In addition, you have the option of expandable warranty up to 5 years that also includes the heads.

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SureColor SC-F6200 (hdK) 44-inch

SureColor SC-F6200 (hdK) 44-inch (111,8 cm) dye sub printer

SureColor SC-F6200 (hdK) 44-inch (111,8 cm) dye sub printer. It is the Epson printer specially designed for sublimation. Perfect for sublimating textile products, promotional items, etc.

Epson PrecisionCore TFP printheads ensure high performance and long production life, while variable size ink drops increase the quality of results

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