Credit / debit card

It is the fastest method to make the payment, together with the payment through Paypal. You need a credit or debit card to complete the payment.

It is important to make sure that the personal data matches the data of the card to be used. We offer a totally secure payment system. For any questions, please contact us through


To pay by paypal it is not necessary to have a paypal account, simply by inserting your credit or debit card you can place the order. If, on the other hand, you already have a paypal account, you will be able to make the purchase much faster, without having to enter the card details.

This payment option has a cost of 4% + € 0.35 on the purchase amount.

Bank transfer

This payment method is the slowest, since orders will not leave our facilities until payment is confirmed. Furthermore, we do not guarantee the availability of the stock until receipt of payment. We need the following information when making the transfer to verify the order details:

Name and surname
Order number

Banco Sabadell
IBAN: ES22 0081 0059 2500 0154 1361

bank transfers usually take between 24 and 48 hours to become effective. At present, you can even make a transfer from an ATM and send a notification email to the recipient of the deposit, this would also speed up the order management.

Orders made by bank transfer, older than 1 month, will be automatically cancelled.


It is now possible to make payments in online stores with bizum, thus facilitating online purchases. In order to use the bizum payment, it is necessary to enter the phone number registered in bizum and a 4-digit bizum password (similar to the card's pin).

If you do not have the bizum password, you must access the app of your bank where bizum is located and there you will be shown the available options.


Payment tailored to you with SeQura

We have new forms of payment so you can buy whatever you want however you want. Pay your purchases little by little. Enjoy your purchase making your payment with SeQura.

That's how easy, fast and safe it is to buy with SeQura:

  1. Select SeQura as the payment method at the end of your order.
  2. Complete your information and we will instantly confirm your purchase.
  3. Enjoy your purchase without worrying about payment!

If you have doubts, answer them here.

Split your payment in 3 completely free

Divide the payment of your order into 3 equal payments, without any added cost. One payment per month. No more. Instantly and without paperwork.

For example, if you choose to pay for an order of €100 in 3 months, you would pay €33.33 at the time of purchase and another €33.33 the following two months. The monthly charge is automatic on your card. Always the same day of the month that you made the purchase. If that day is not the best for you, you can change it at no extra cost.

That's how easy and fast it is to divide your payment in 3 with SeQura:

1. Select Divide in 3 of SeQura as payment method at the end of your purchase.

2. Enter your data (DNI and mobile) and pay the first payment (1/3 of the order).

3. Enjoy your purchase! The rest of the payments will be made automatically each month. If you have questions, answer them here.

Pay in installments over 4, 6, 12 or 18 months

Split your order payment over 4, 6, 12 or 18 months for just a small fixed cost per month. Only with your ID, mobile and bank card. Instantly and without paperwork. You can complete the payment whenever you want at no additional cost. You can only split the payment in 18 months from orders of €390.

For example, if you choose to pay an order of €180 in 4 months, you would pay €48 per month (only €3 per month per installment).

It's that easy and fast to split your payment with SeQura:

1. Select Pay Fractionally as a payment method at the end of your purchase.

2. Enter your data (DNI and mobile), choose your payment plan and pay the first monthly payment.

3. Enjoy your purchase! The rest of the payments will be made automatically each month.

If you have doubts, solve them here .

More information on payment methods.

For more information about payment methods, access our frequently asked questions section.

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