In our catalog of products for DTF printing, you will find from high-quality printers to essential supplies, we have everything you need to take your DTF printing to the next level. Discover reliable tools and top-quality materials to achieve impressive results in every project. Additionally, we provide DTF Printing Service: you share your designs with us, and we deliver DTF transfers ready to apply onto polyester, cotton, or blend garments.

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DTF stands for Direct Transfer to Film. It's an innovative, simple, and cost-effective method to create a digital transfer that can be printed onto cotton, polyester, or a blend of these, for both light and dark colors, utilizing a layer of white ink.

The process involves using a specialized printer to print the chosen image onto a particular film. The image is printed with the classic CMYK scheme, and concurrently, a layer with white ink is applied. While the ink is still wet, polyamide powder is used across the entire surface and then heated in a drying oven. The powder hardens, forming an adhesive layer that will allow the image to be fixed onto the garment. Finally, it is applied to the fabric using a heat press.

At Sublimet, we offer:

  • High-quality DTF printers for faithful reproduction of your designs, vibrant colors, and exceptional details. We invite you to discover our selection of InkOne printers that combine quality, price and excellent performance.
  • Drying ovens for individual designs, and incredible automatic Dryer and Shaker that transform your printer into a continuous printing system.
  • DTF packs with all the basic tools and supplies to start DTF printing. Additionally, our Full Equipment DTF packs also include printing software and an air purifier.
  • Special inks, DTF films in sheets and rolls, Polyamide Powder, cleaning and maintenance elements, and all essential consumables.
  • Spare parts to maintain and improve the performance of your printers, ovens, and purifiers.
  • RIP software is specially created for DTF.

DTF Printing Service

Do you want to personalize garments but don't have a DTF printing system? We offer you a simple solution: send us your designs and we will deliver the heat transfers ready to iron on different types of cotton, polyester and blend garments.

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