Flat thermal presses

One of the most popular machines in the world of sublimation printing are the flat thermal plates, which allow the customization of all kinds of flat product such as textile items, photo-holders, key chains, floor mats, 2D cases, and many more. We put at your disposal a great variety for all types of clients. We have irons manual and automatic, with interchangeable work area and of different sizes, with digital temperature control, with pressure booster arm that facilitates its use, and many more implementations that make them optimal for the sublimation business.


InkOne AutoPress (40x60 cm) InkOne AutoPress (40x60 cm) 2
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Swing away Heat press SUB-PTS4050 (40x50 cm) Swing away Heat press SUB-PTS4050 (40x50 cm) 2
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Which sublimation presses do I choose?

Although the differences between plates is not very large, there are a number of features that will allow you certain comforts or the possibility of sublimating a certain type of product:

  • Workspace size: from sizes of 28 x 38 cm to sizes of 40 x 60 cm.
  • Automatic: this type of plate is characterized because at the end of the work done, the upper platform is automatically lifted.
  • Manuals: unlike automatic ones, the platform has to be lifted manually once the work has finished.

What kind of product can I sublimate?

  • Textile: ceyelets, aprons, bibs, t-shirts, bags, backpacks, towels, flip-flops, etc.
  • Sheet metal: cases 2D, metal boxes, cases, cube watch, etc.
  • Puzzles: both cardboard, wood or magnetic puzzles.
  • Other: key chains, magnets, wallets and banknotes, mouse pads, tablecloths, universal covers, photo holders etc.

We advise you

We know that investing in machinery is the most expensive part when a sublimation business starts its journey. That is why we put at your disposal all the information and advice you need to decide. Do not forget that you can contact us through 934 869 025 or info@sublimet.com.

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