Customizable keychains using the sublimation technique on one or two sides, depending on the material of the product. Made of wood, metal, plastic, HPP, similar to leather, with glitter of various colors, high quality materials and resistance. With different finishes such as matte or glossy. Available in various shapes and colors, also including rings for all the keys you need.They are also suitable to be washed without losing color.

Choose our keychains for business gifts, you can customize them to your liking and in the amount you need.


Silver leatherette keychains with glitter (various shapes) Silver leatherette keychains with glitter (various shapes) 2
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In Sublimet we offer you a wide variety of keychains to sublimate, of high quality and resistance, they are ideal for corporate gifts since we have several models both elegant and basic to perform any type of home or professional work. In addition our keychains are suitable for washing without losing quality, all include metal rings for your keys.

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