Mug presses

Thermal presses for mugs they are machines prepared to sublimate mugs, glasses and bottles in a very simple way and in a few minutes. The pressure regulation is done manually with the upper lever that is incorporated. The time and temperature adjustment is regulated with a built-in timer.


Cricut Mug Press Cricut Mug Press 2
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Starter Bundle Cricut Mug Press Starter Bundle Cricut Mug Press 2
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What kind of product can I sublimate?

  • Mugs: the classic 11oz breakfast mugs, coffee mugs, transparent glass, magic that change color with heat, etc.
  • Jugs: white beer jugs or Mason jugs made of transparent and frosted glass.
  • Glasses: plastic, ceramic or thermos type to always carry your favorite drinks to the point.
  • Bottles: thermos type aluminum, to take on excursion, trip, etc.

We advise you

We know that investing in machinery is the most expensive part when a sublimation business starts its journey. That is why we put at your disposal all the information and advice you need to decide. Do not forget that you can contact us through 934 869 025 or

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