Along with inks, it is one of the consumables that most influences the quality of sublimation printing. That is why a correct choice of paper and film is very important. For flat sublimation products, we offer you paper of different sizes and brands, such as TexPrint, Chromablast or Sublimet white label paper. For 3D printing products, such as cases, you have film, whose main feature is its thermoelastic capacity that wraps the product during the sublimation process.

A4 Chromablast paper 100 sheets
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TexPrint Thermopack adhesive roll paper (61 cm x 100 m) TexPrint Thermopack adhesive roll paper (61 cm x 100 m) 2
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Gold reel film (44,5 cm x 40 m)
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Texprint XPHR roll Paper (111,8 cm x 84 m) Texprint XPHR roll Paper (111,8 cm x 84 m) 2
TexPrint XP HR roll paper (61cm x 84m) TexPrint XP HR roll paper (61cm x 84m) 2
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Types of paper and film for sublimation

In our catalog we have a great diversity:

  • Paper: we offer great value for money by specialising your products for use in specific printers (Ricoh) or for universal use. Choose between DIN A4, A3 or coil sizes depending on the sublimation printer you use. In coil version you have the possibility to choose film with adhesive to prevent movement in the sublimation of textile products. This paper is specific for flat sublimation products.
  • Film: ideal for sublimation of 3D cases, with gold, silver or transparent finishes: of great thermal versatility and magnificent results in terms of vividness and sharpness of the image.

Texprint Paper

Textprint paper is highly recommended for sublimation printing for all types of printers. Its high quality lies in a fast drying and allows a precise adjustment in the colors by means of printing profiles. In addition, this type of paper to sublimate, achieves great sharpness, resolution and homogenity in the final product. There is a wide variety of types, for EPSON, SAWGRASS and RICOH printers, or universal, different size types, A3, A4 or roll.

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