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We think of all the details so that your sublimation works are perfect, that is why it is necessary that the printing on the paper is of the best quality. Both the sharpness and the vibration of the color are the key to the subsequent sublimation process on the product of choice. We offer you the best packs of printers and papers, such as Sawgrass and Epson brands that give security and quality to each of your works.

You can find packs to suit you, from packs for beginners and professionals. You will also have the necessary information regarding inks and papers for the correct choice of each product you need.

Pack Epson SureColor SC-F100 - A4 (paper + inks) Pack Epson SureColor SC-F100 - A4 (paper + inks) 2
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It is important to have a good printer to perform your sublimation work, since we must have adequate color profiles, specialized and high quality inks, as well as a paper capable of optimally transferring the image. Many times you will wonder if any printer serves to sublimate, the answer is no, not any printer will serve to sublimate. In fact, the only printers that can be used to sublimate are inkjet printers, which have a head called a micropiece. This head uses a technology to make cold prints, which is fundamental for these jobs, since sublimation inks react to heat.

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