Printing vinyls

Printing vinyls are special for printing on the surface using solvent inks, eco-solvents and latex. One of its great advantages is the transfer time, you can also stamp your designs on any light or dark color. If the application of the vinyl is done correctly, it will not peel off and will last longer than the life of the printed garment.

However, depending on the effect you want to obtain, the type of garment or the use that will be given to it, it is recommended to select the most convenient type of textile vinyl to achieve the desired finish and the greatest durability.

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The printing vinyls, as well as the other types of vinyls that exist carry a peeling process (or depilating) that consists of removing from the conveyor all the material that is not part of the design, after this process the vinyl is ready to be stamped on any variety of fabrics, by means of a thermal presses

Among its advantages, we can mention that it is one of the fastest techniques in terms of transfer time, economic and its prints are of excellent quality with great durability in any garment, even so with the intensive use and washing of them.

In Sublimet we provide you with the necessary information for the application and recommendation of each of our products, in terms of vinyl we offer you a wide variety for all types of garments, work, safety, technical fabrics and more. You can choose different finishes such as matte, glossy, fluorescent, glitter effect, velvety, and many more.

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