Sublimation Ink

Along with paper, it is one of the components that most influences the results in the sublimation process. We have a wide variety of inks for sublimation both for standard use and for specific printers. Choose the inks Sublijet for Sawgrass or Ricoh printers, but if you prefer bulk inks, choose sublimet inks of high quality, European and at an unbeatable price.

Inks Sublijet HD for Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 (70 ml)
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Sublimation inks 1 L (in bag)
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Sublimation ink Sublijet para Ricoh SG3110DN/7110N
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Which sublimation inks should I choose?

A lot the ink to sublimate as paper are elements that by their continued use must necessarily be acquired regularly and play a fundamental role in the entire process of customization. As we well know, sublimation is the process in which inks go from solid to gaseous state penetrating the product. This type of ink usually leaves residues in the printer ducts, for this reason it is very important to take quality inks.

¿Original inks the CISS inks?

It is very important to choose the right inks for our printer and also according to our needs. There are two types of inks:

  • Original inks: they are mainly sold in cartridges of different brands, such as Sublijet, Artainium or Chromablast. Its main feature is that they come sealed and guarantee optimal quality and the extension of the printer's warranty.
  • CISS inks (Continuous Ink Feeding System): for the use of this type of ink, a continuous feeding system composed of refillable cartridges that replace the original ones or that are connected by feeding tubes must be previously installed. In our catalog you can find the inks Sublimet supplied in different sizes. They are high quality inks, European and that save up to 90% compared to the originals.

We believe that printing is a combination of several factors. It is a process in which a printer and its ink come together to produce a quality print. Therefore, it is essential to understand the use of inks and thus avoid possible printing problems.

We work with the best brands, analyze them thoroughly and test them with different conditions and products.

What are Print Profiles (ICC)?

ICC profiles is a small file (icc. or icm.) that could be defined as the colorimetric identity card of the paper/printer association. This ICC profile takes into account different elements such as the printer, paper, inks and blank products in order to achieve a print very close to the original colors of the image. For this reason it is very important that your printer has the profiles included and guarantee quality prints.

Contacta con nosotros a través del 93 486 90 25 o to solve any doubt you may have regarding the inks and about the color profiles.

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