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Draw a smile in your life remembering those indelible moments or those close to you while drinking something in your personalized mug. The mugs, glasses and bottles for sublimation are one of the most successful products among our customers for their high quality and variety of models. White or colors, ceramic, glass or metallic, large or small, and much more, a wide catalog for you to choose the mug that best suits your personality. Remember that we offer you the most competitive price in the national market.

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Ceramic mugs for sublimation

We put at your disposal three types of ceramic mugs according to its quality and price, so you can optimize your benefits while still offering the right quality for each of your customers. All of them can be used in the microwave, dishwasher or with scourer.

Available qualities:

  • High Quality A: broken white, may contain some impurity, high quality.
  • High quality AA: pure white, almost no impurities, excellent quality.
  • High Quality AAA: pure white, no impurities, excellent quality.

We have different types of ceramic mugs, white or with some part of color, various sizes, magic mugs of different colors or themes of the most varied:mugs with heart-shaped handle, mugs for couples, and many more.

Glass mugs for sublimation

Who would have imagined that it could be sublimated on glass? Undoubtedly, the glass mugs (with the Crystal Jarras, currently in demand by bars and restaurants) are one of our most curious and exclusive products. We have two different types, transparent and frosted in matt finish. Being transparent or semi-transparent, sublimation manages to give them a different and unique look.

If you want to surprise your customers, without a doubt these mugss will get their attention.

Plastic mugs for sublimation

They could not miss the plastic mugs for sublimation ideal for the little ones of the house for its great resistance. If a stronger material than ceramic or glass is required, plastic is the solution. You could say they are unbreakable. They sublimate exactly the same (the only difference is that it is advisable to place a metal mold inside the mug to prevent heat from deforming it). Choose between white or different colors.

Steel mugs for sublimation

One of the mugs that in recent times is having more and more success are the steel mugs with carabiner. They are resistant, original, light and with great versatility that allows them to be used both in a domestic environment and in outdoor activities. As if that were not enough, the handle is a carabiner of different colors so that you can hold it anywhere in the backpack.

Glasses, bottles and canteens

You can also buy thermos type glasses with or without straw, as well as aluminum bottles with hitch especially suitable for outdoor activities.

Our children's canteens they are demanded with assiduity, for their versatility of sublimation and their resistant materials. Especially suitable for the little ones of the house, of different colors and types.

What is the process for sublimating mugs, glasses and bottles?

    What is the process for sublimating mugs, glasses and bottles?.
  • Herself Prints the design on a paper to sublimate.
  • The paper is placed on the product, wrapping it in the position we want. We fix it with thermo adhesive tape.
  • The product is inserted into the mug griddle and closed to exert pressure on it. It can also be made in the oven by exerting pressure using a silicone clamp.
  • The indications of product time and temperature until the end of the process. The product is allowed to cool.

Necessary material:

  • Printer, inks and paper for sublimation.
  • Machine to sublimate mugs or failing that, silicone oven and clamp.
  • Accessories: scissors, gloves, thermo adhesive tape.
  • Blank product for sublimation.
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