Our mugs are prepared for customization on them using the sublimation technique. You can find various materials such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, frosted glass of different colors, ceramic mugs with high quality color interior (A) and luxe quality (AAA), vintage enamel.

You will also find the magic mugs, which react to the change in temperature, with different types of handles with carabiner, in the shape of a heart.

Have fun customizing your mugs as you like, giving away or delivering custom works, you can also find sublimable boxes for an incredible presentation.


Ceramic Mug blank Cricut, White - 12 oz/350 ml (36 uts) Ceramic Mug blank Cricut, White - 12 oz/350 ml (36 uts) 2
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In Sublimet we offer you the best materials in mugs for sublimation, you will find all sizes from 10 oz, with different shapes such as, milk mugs, conical mugs, with handles of different shapes.

Our mugs are ideal for gifts, since we also provide you with the boxes for packaging and presentation. They are resistant to scratches, scourers, high temperatures, dishwashers and microwave safe. You can also get started in the world of sublimation, since we have everything for both beginners and professionals.

Some of our mugs have the particularity of having the interior of color, so you will have a great variety to choose from, depending on the work you want to do or to give away on any special occasion.

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