Textile transfer is the art of being able to pass an image from a special paper, by heat and pressure from a thermal plate to a textile garment, such as t-shirts, polo shirts and jersey.

There are several modalities and different finishes to achieve effects, textures. You always have to take into account the garment where it is going to be printed since there are transfers for dark fabrics and for fabrics of any color.

Here you will find the necessary information to choose the transfer depending on the work you need to do.

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With the transfer you can make different textures, effects and finishes in each of your personalized designs, we must mention that there are two categories according to the color of the garment you want to print, on the one hand we have the transfers for dark fabrics and also for any color.

Some of the advantages of this technique is that we can customize the garments in an economical and simple way, on cotton fabrics, polyester or mixtures.

The finished product can be achieved with excellent quality, great definition and quantity of colors. 

In Sublimet we offer you a variety of designs and finishes to customize each of your garments, we have different types of transfers for the choice and need of each client according to their work.

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